This is the benefit Pineapple are rarely known

Pineapple fruit contains high is the water that taste delicious and refreshing. Not only that, because the bright yellow fruit is also a lot of presents to us vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and enzymes that are promoting digestion, relieve stomach acid, reducing inflammation, and helps break down animal protein. Advertisement Pineapple is very easy to find in the market, even available throughout the year. The price is very affordable, as well as a selection of the best fruit, especially for people who live tropical region. Although many properties of this fruit and its benefits, but need to be careful for women who are pregnant. Pineapple contains bromelian,.

which makes it as one of the fruits that should not be eaten by pregnant women following a variety of properties and benefits of pineapple for health Containing high vitamin and minerals High in vitamin A and the benefits of beta-carotene, useful to protect eyes from macular degeneration, prevent lung cancer and oral cancer. Loaded with vitamin C, flavonoids and antioxidants, it is important to build the immune system, destroying free radicals, against colds, flu and viruses, maintain healthy gums and protect against periodontal disease and oral cancer. Supports the synthesis of collagen, and maintain healthy blood vessels. Contains Vitamin B1 (Thiamin) to convert carbohydrates into energy,

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strengthen muscles, and improve the function of the nervous system proper. Phosphorus containing useful to promote strong bones and teeth, stop the progression of osteoporosis. Merngandung potassium to regulate blood pressure and kidney function supports. Manganese, which is an important mineral can not be made by the body also found in pineapple. Manganese supports the development and function of bone, accelerating wound healing, supports healthy skin, strengthens the immune system, and stabilize blood sugar to prevent diabetes and metabolic disorders..

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